New Isn’t Always Better

It wasn’t until late at night

When he received her phone call

He opened his eyes in the dark

Heart racing, out of sight

Running down the hall

The dog starts to bark

Darkness and loudness were the worst combination

For he was still not awake nor fully asleep

But he surely didn’t know what to feel

He heard her voice, She told him her location

Silently, he begins to weep

After years of hoping to find her

Nights spent looking for her

He couldn’t tell if it was real

He thought he’d never hear her voice again

Spent hours thinking about the things he would say to her

And once he did, he was out of speech

He headed to the station

She was there sitting and waiting

Her face pale with no apparent emotions

He was afraid to come closer

As if between them there was a grating

She looked at him in colorless eyes

Full of tears, in disguise

She stood and approached him to reveal the black tight dress

It was his favorite, suddenly he recalled the bliss

The bliss he was living with her

But that was no longer her

She was different, the way she looked, the way she smelled

The way she felt against his lips

It was not her

She was long gone in the world that she apparently have chosen

He hugged her, not knowing what to do

She was cold as ice, tasted like poison

And he should have known enough

She was not the person he knew

She was someone new

And that someone fed him bullets in the heart

Pistols ripped his soul apart

Leaving him on the ground

Eyes shut

Listening to her heel’s sound

Disappearing in the dark

He went back to sleep, but this time it was serene.

Photography by Nigel Tomm

Photography by Nigel Tomm


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