A Day of their Lives

I had a dream
A dream of a world that I’ve never seen
The sky was brighter
The streets were lighter
The sun was shiner
The moon was higher
Love was there
It was filling the air
Everything was right
You could sleep peacefully at night
Children were no longer living on the streets
Sleeping in the alleys in the cold with no sheets
Homeless people living in shelters
Away from the cold in the icy winters
Then I woke up
And everything had stopped
I walked again in the streets
Looking at people can’t find anything to eat
Heard the bullet shots
Saw the dead bodies spots
I closed my eyes
I wished it was all lies
All I saw was stupid black dots
Everybody hates everybody’s guts
Killing , assaulting , hating
Nothing have left but waiting
Waiting for the world to wake up
Waiting for someone to stand up
Looking at this world
Tried to describe without finding the words
Most of the world is not even aware
About what is happening to these people. It’s just not fair
He was just a little kid
He was working instead

Instead of enjoying his childhood part
He got a shot straight to the heart
while selling tickets at the station
Trying to earn money to have education
Somebody find a solution
Let us start are revolution
Children , mothers and fathers are dying
Babies in the streets are wining
Somebody help them stop this brutality
This can’t be called nothing but insanity
We watch this everyday
Their lives now are what they pay
They dream about a better life
A life doesn’t hurt like a knife
They want the same as others
They want a life full of colors
They’re sick of black, yellow and redmona-lisa-bazooka-banksy
They keep hanging on faithfully
Every morning, they drive their cars hopeful
That everyday will be a better day
And time will wash thier pain away


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