Love Thyself

I used to have these feelings a while ago

but now everything has changed

I picked up the phone and called you, I said hello

but you didn’t answer

I just wanted to tell you that every memory of you, in my mind, is gone

I didn’t want you to call anymore

I didn’t want to make an effort at all

I could feel your wordless heavy breathing chocking me

Like chains around my neck, on my chest

I wanted to end this as soon as I could

The negativity I sensed through the phone

Picked on my every nerve

Then you replied, after what it feels like eternity

I told you what I feel, and you thought I lost my sanity

I told you this:

I found someone better

I found someone who can cheer me up

Light everything in the dark

I found someone that makes me happy all the time

That someone never allows me to cry

That someone makes me smile

That someone is me

I believe in myself, I love myself

See, I would never accuse myself of being insane

I believe in myself

I am my number 1 fan

I can light a darkness

I can make myself happy

I do not need anyone but me and myself

I only need to love and respect myself

Only when I did that

I knew how worthless you are

How cruel and degrading you were with me

and I deserve better

I want better

and who else is better than me?Love Thyself




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