Not About Them, Not Around Them

I always thought I needed someone to get through life

I always thought I needed a man

I never, for one second, believed I could do on my own

Being alone, well for that, I had no plan.


Time was given to me

To prove that I only needed myself

I only needed my existence, my support and my belief

In my own self.


I used to write love poems

About how a woman needed the love of the man

How she is heartbroken by his “masculine” behavior

Of that kind of poetry, I was a fan.


But I grew up

I understood that life doesn’t revolve around the one who

Wouldn’t take the blame for eating the fucking apple

It doesn’t revolve around Adam and his descendant

Women could live happily independent.


Life wouldn’t end or stop

Because the absence of what he calls himself a ‘man’

It would simply go on

They are not, were not, won’t be the center of life.

no mann



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